Posted by : Mario Minware domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

Todo es un ciclo, que si Big Bangs y Big Crunchs sucediendo desde tiempos infinitos, que si se acaban las 1803 canciones del mp3 player y se vuelven a reproducir, y pues henos de vuelta aquí, con The Project Hate MCMXCIX. Ayer compré el disco Armageddon March Eternal, uno de sus mejores.

Y el track que abre el disco es ni más ni menos que:

At the Entrance to Hell's Unholy Fire

Once again we bring Armageddon
The battle was never lost
With demons by our side, victorious we'll stand
Our judgement is at hand

Armageddon March Eternal, Armageddon March Eternal
Armageddon March Eternal, Armageddon March

And as we enter Hell's flames...

Crushing all that is holy, the scripture and the whore
We will prevail victorious
Draped in black, standing on the shores
We march, the troops of devastation

I yearn for bloodshed
Father, I yearn
I yearn to release the suffering
I yearn

We kill all life of the followers of the lies
We leave our marks in their shattered hearts
Devastation is the nature of our kind
Relentless murder is all there is to find

Father, what have I done to deserve this damned mortality?
This endless burning lust
This endless infernal agony
Father, what have I done to be condemned to this life of suffering?
I must lay my head down and pray...

And save us...
And save us...

So when I die, be brave
One final kiss, I tried to save

In this life I've trembled in the dark
It was endless
In this life I've trembled in the dark

Rise from the Apocalypse
Through fire and chaos, across the river Styx
To dominate and eliminate
To kill the ones who have betrayed us

Bloodshed - We are the bloodshed
Bloodshed - We are the bullets in the wounds
Bloodshed - We are the fire burning heavens
We are the water drowning the fools

I yearn to release the suffering...
I yearn...

Chaos eternal, as we march to Armageddon
Blasphemy as we desecrate the dead son
Chaos infernal, with our much expected victory
Blasphemy eternal, as we spread the demon seed

Our hate cuts through the flesh like fire
The carnage is a work of art
Proudly we stand, watching in silence
The remains of christian souls torn apart

We are the salt in the eyes of Christ
We are the wound in his side
We are the blackest of the black
We are the four horsemen's glorious ride

Bloodstains in heaven we are
The core of unholiness we are
The remains of what's left we are
We are Armageddon

March to serenades of rotten flesh
Embrace unholy war
Stand aside, stand aside
To bring death is our cause

March to serenades of rotten flesh
Embrace unholy war
Fear us as you fear your whore

And as we entered Hell's flames...

The pillars of heaven are crushed
We revel in filth and lust
I'm born supreme, God extreme
In the death of Christ we trust

The pillars of heaven are crushed
We revel in filth and lust
I'm born supreme, infernal
Armageddon March Eternal

Además que es uno de los discos con más backing vocals que han hecho, si no me crean he aquí las Troops of Devastation:
Gustaf Jorde (Defleshed)
Jonas Granvik (Without Grief & Dead End World)
Morten Hansen (ACQ)
Linus Ekström (Into Desolation & Pandemonic)
Peter Andersson
Anders Eriksson (Hydra)
Lalle Levin
Tobbe Sillman (Vicious Art)
Jocke Widfeldt (Vicious Art)
Matti Mäkelä (Vicious Art)
Insulter of Jesus Christ! (Damnation)
Jonas Torndal (Grave)
Anders Schultz (Unleashed)
Björn Åkesson (Celtic Frostflakes)

Pretty sick, huh? Pues chéquenla, oigan el disco entero por donde lo encuentren, y si prometen cuidarlo tal vez se los preste... ¡Ah sí! Lo olvidaba, ¿recuerdas que te dije que aquí se oía una escena de Stigmata? ¡¡¡Pues sí!!! Checa el minuto 4:26. IN-TEN-SO.

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