Posted by : Mario Minware sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Así es, ya estoy harto jajaja. Y además es el título de una canción bien chida de Artillery. Así que no pierdan el tiempo, escúchenla, emociónense, destruyan alguna biblia o inviertan algún jesuscristo, pero ¡actúen!

Your morals are not my morals
Your religion means nothing to me
Your two faced lying high priests of power
Take your gospel stay away from me

Your truth is not my truth
Your point of view means nothing to me
Your double talking jive motherfuckers
Take your bullshit stay away from me

False messiah, legions of fire!

Religion is in your blood,
Religions in your head, religion is your drug
Can never get enough

Your twisted retoric it takes you higher
The lord you worship is the false messiah
The lives you prey on can't defend themselves
You use them up and make their lives all hell
You cheat and lie you use the weak and poor
Your so called master is a lying whore
Your evil empire is a cancer cell
You too will die and burn forever in hell

Your dreams are not my dreams
Your holy war means nothing to me
Your narrow minded no brain way of thinking
Your damned religion stay away from me

Ah que caray. Emocionante, ¿no? Sigamos entonces dándole fin a la religión, de una u otra manera.

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