Posted by : Mario Minware sábado, 14 de septiembre de 2013

Y pues después de lo anterior necesito algo aún más intenso para desahogarme del mundo jaja.
Así que oigamos un poco de Symphonic Black Metal desde Portugal: ¡Sirius!

Amidst the stars I have tread and throughout the Earth walked, I have roamed through dimensions of darkness. A journey through the infernal astral twilight, sailing across the stellar ocean. Before death I was born on the cloudveiled center of this cosmic infinity, the throne of the cold void... I saw the transcending fury of death overcome the dim will of the light. Oh divine,spectral essence of cosmos, grant me the mastery of black magick, for thou art the origin and the end! Hearken!The proclamation of my longing, as the energy collides into a rain of burning tears! My silent melody unleashed upon the deaf to hear...My astral dimension,upon the blind to gaze... From the stars I came and to the stars I aim...Where I once ruled and where day dost not follow night. Ceaseless is this vortex and limitless is now my lore... O spirits of the great void abyss! Wherein the dimensional crown of chaos dost reign. Enslave mankind for thy wicked hunger...As with wisdom I conquer back my long forgotten throne. Bloodstained is now the Earth, one with the essence are now those who with me shared this chalice of liquid wonder. Seekers of aeonic magick...Summoning the astral forces.

Que buena canción, ¿no?

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